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Chocolate Based Red Girl



Chocolate Dapple Girls £1800
Chocolate Dapple Boys £1500
Chocolate and Tans £1500

Black and Tan Boy £1500



Chocolate Dapple Boys £1500
Chocolate Dapple Girls £1800
Chocolate Girls & Boys £1500
Black and Tans £1500
Silver Dapple & Cream £1800

Please note that all of our puppies are sold as pets only. 
Endorsements will be placed on the Kennel Club Papers to restrict breeding

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Below is a gallery of our past litters. Should you wish to find out more about or reserve one of our puppies please contact us here. Find out everything included when you purchase a PIGGLEFAIRY pup on our about page. Please note that a NON REFUNDABLE, NON TRANSFERABLE  deposit is required to secure a puppy. Deposit terms and conditions can be found below.

 We do not ship our puppies overseas.

Please call us rather than text or email. It is very important to us to find only the best homes for our puppies, therefore we would like to know a little about the home you can offer and of course i am sure you will have many questions for us too.

Deposit & Waiting list

We no longer run 'put your name down' based waiting lists. We have found that often they just don't work. By the time we have called people on our list they have often found a puppy or are no longer in the position to have a puppy so often it means joining an unrealistically long list and it then becomes very difficult to manage genuine homes.

We do run a fully refundable 'deposit based' waiting list. please call to find out further details.

Alternatively once we have a litter born we will announce it on the website and our Instagram & facebook page. Should you be interested in one of our puppies please call us for a chat and an application form.

Once you have chosen a puppy deposits are strictly non refundable should you change your mind or decide you can no longer have the puppy regardless of time frame or circumstances.

All deposits are non transferable 

Your deposit will be refunded if upon the final vet check there are any reasons that make the puppy unfit for sale.

A puppy is a lifelong commitment. Please only place a deposit on a puppy if all family members/ landlords etc have been consulted and you are happy to agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Puppies are sold for the purpose of being STRICTLY PETS ONLY

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