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We are a family run breeders and proud owners of our beautiful family of miniature smooth coat dachshunds. We are located in a rural area of Cambridgeshire, so our doggies get to enjoy all the benefits of the countryside alongside playing with our young children and other pets so you can rest assured all our puppies get the best start in life and come to you happy and well socialised. We are also council licenced breeders (AW009), which mean we have regular checks from the local authorities and vet to ensure a high standard is achieved.

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The welfare and happiness of all of our dogs is of upmost importance to us. This means you can rest assured knowing that we are reputable breeders and that your puppy has had the best start in life with no expense spared.

Ever since I was young I had a passion for animals, as a child I would spend time in the garden looking after the ‘wiggly worms’ and finding frogs. I was fascinated by nature. As a farmers daughter I witnessed the miracle of life as a young girl and recall many hours sitting with pigs giving birth and helping clear the airways of baby piglets just born before returning them to a warm fluffy straw bed with mum. I went on to work in a busy boarding kennels and canine hydrotherapy centre and regularly helped with a dog training group. This led on to a part time job at a vets for 2 years until a full time trainee veterinary nurse role became available. I then worked as a trainee vet nurse for a further 2 years before then deciding to change direction working with horses at a livery yard and raising our family puppies. In turn this evolved to where we are today.

Our dogs are important members of the family and its very important to us that all our dogs and puppies raised here make fantastic pets and are well socialised with not only children but other dogs and the hustle and bustle of modern family life.


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All of our Mini Dachshunds are , vaccinated, wormed and regularly seen by our vet. They get fed a high quality diet with plenty of raw bones and treats. They have the luxury of having the run of  our beautiful gardens as well as daily woodland walks. We are always at home with our dogs and having young children ourselves we understand the importance of early socialation, our children play with the puppies constantly which helps them get the best start in order to become a happy well balanced member of the family.

Our main aim is to breed happy healthy family companions, we sometimes have puppies available in the following colours:







Our dogs are all fed a high-quality diet with lots of treats raw bones and food based stimulation. They have the space to run, dig and explore just the way dogs love too. We have large gardens where they have their own play equipment !  They have Ramps , tunnels  rope swings and abundance of toys and platforms for sunbathing! We are lucky enough to have some lovely dog walking areas close by. We have neighbouring woodland and open country fields as well as the beach only being a 30 min drive from us. 

As well as temperament and lifestyle, health is of huge importance to us. All of our dogs are PRA Tested and we gather as much information as possible within the family history to make sure we only breed from healthy dogs with no known defects.

We work closely alongside our vets and local fertility clinic ensuring all our dogs are fit and healthy and have the best treatment they deserve.

Our puppies leave us thoroughly spoilt and ready to embark on a new life with you. We are of course here throughout the course of your puppies life to help with any questions or advice you may need.

All of Our Puppies Include

with new ownership registration certificate

(unless otherwise stated)


as a preventative



sometimes second with vaccination certificate

It is advisable that upon collecting your new puppy, that you make time to be with your puppy 24 hours a day for the first couple of weeks. Moving home away from mum and littermates can be a particularly stressful time for a puppy. It is advisable to insure your puppy, as vet bills can be very expensive. All of our puppies leave home with 4 weeks insurance, which starts the moment you collect your puppy -- I strongly recommend that this insurance is continued throughout your dogs life.

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